Marc Horsfield - VFX Supervisor

With over 20 years of experience in visual effects and animation, Marc has worked on cutting edge films such as The Day After Tomorrow (VES award), The Polar Express, Happy Feet 2 and San Andreas (VES nomination). His career has taken him to studios of all sizes, including: Digital Domain, Sony Imageworks, Dr D, Rhythm and Hues and Method Studios among others.

Along with sequence and visual effects supervision, Marc has personally supervised the creation of large scale vfx and animation pipelines that support multi million dollar projects, which includes Method Studios’ pipeline consolidation project which has successfully merged the pipelines of 5 studios around the world. Projects run through this pipeline include: Thor 3, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Okja, to name a few.

Jason Brewer - Executive Producer

Jason is a 22 year veteran of the animation industry, having held senior production and leadership positions on major animated feature films such as The Angry Birds Movie, Happy Feet Two, and A Christmas Carol, and Coraline. Jason’s broad depth of production experience has given him working knowledge of not only the CG production pipeline, but also of stop motion, traditional hand drawn and performance capture pipelines for animated features, shorts and television.

Throughout Jason’s career, he has worked on 11 animated features for a combined worldwide box office gross of 1.8 billion dollars. In addition to feature animation budgeting and scheduling, Jason’s expertise extends to story development, casting, merchandising, post production and marketing. Additionally, Jason has various properties in development for multiple genres, age groups and mediums.

Jason is an active voting member of the Producer’s Guild of America and of the European Animation Awards.

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