Fx Supervisor

Od’s FX supervisor will participate in the supervision and direction of the effects team on our projects as well as being a key player in designing and producing world class imagery. This position serves as a role model and mentor to the effects team and is instrumental in helping to build an amazing environment and world class skills among the effects artists.

Role details:

  • Designs and creates complicated FX animation, procedural simulation, dynamic simulation, particle and fluid systems, and rigid body simulations.
  • Light and render FX elements and produce composites to showcase ideas
  • Develops and implements new techniques quickly and debugs complicated problems
  • Sets the standard by continually improving the efficiency, speed, and the quality of the team's output
  • Provide constructive and consistent creative and technical oversight and feedback on a shot and sequence level to the team
  • Partners with other discipline leadership in determining various cross department solutions, improvements and collaboration.
  • Coaches and guides the team of Effects artists to execute quality performance for the project.
  • Works with Production to bid, schedule, and cast shotwork.
  • Attends all relevant meetings to promote effective communication throughout the production team.

Basic skills and talents:

  • Expert in Houdini software, and knowledge and experience in Python.
  • 5+ year’s production experience, also with experience in a leadership role in film visual effects
  • Proficiency with Linux.
  • Demonstrable experience of mentoring and developing artists
  • Strong communication skills to present to supervisors and mentor the artist team
  • Can develop small scale, show specific tools for non-FX TDs and other FX TDs